• Paul Martin

Here They Are ...

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

From Massachusetts to California, 30 dedicated people are fighting against so-called "systemic racism." These 30 "Black Republicans for Congress" are serious about bringing stability back to the U.S. House of Representatives, where divisiveness and dysfunction have gotten out of hand.

These candidates often did not know each other when they started their campaigns. Many talk about feeling the need - even a "calling" - to bring a fresh view and a commitment to support law and order, the Constitution, and the freedoms that are unique to America.

Many have served in the military or come from military and law enforcement families. They are all committed to protecting our rights.

These are candidates you can support, no matter where their districts are. If most of them were to win, Congress will be stronger and the future of America more certain.

Won't you support these candidates? Especially if any are from your district - but even if they aren't, these candidates deserve your donation for a final media push in each of their campaigns. And if you are able, donate something to all of them. Do it now so they can run more ads and capture more votes.

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