Constantin Jean-Pierre

District: NY-09

Party: Republican

Constantin was born in Flatbush Brooklyn, NY in 1972 and has lived in the district his whole life. Born to Hatian parents, he is fluent in French, Creole, and English and is intimately familiar with the idiosyncrasies that come with diversity and how they interact with each other. He attended Martin Luther King H.S. for Law, Advocacy and Community Justice, earned his Bachelors in Social Science, and received an MS in Health Science from local colleges launching his career in Social Health and Wellness programs.For years Constantin has worked on the Board of Schools, managed children's programs, advised on coaching techniques and has mentored hundreds of kids in the inner city to become the best they can be. ​He sees so much potential in our youth and believes that each and every one of them deserve our society's great attention and guidance. With focal points on Social Justice, Racial Equality and Social Programs that emphasize the crucial part our families play in our nation's success; he is both excited and humbled by the chance to represent the 9th District in Congress. Whether it's being a head basketball coach or a professor of health and education at the University of Phoenix, he brings his best foot forward to represent the hardworking and talented people that make America the greatest nation on Earth. That is his passion. If we can elect officials who can see the potential of working with our youth, then our country can truly expect a bright and sustainable future