Casper Stockham

District: CO-07

Party: Republican

Casper is a Gulf War veteran and served in the Air Force. He is a 100% unhyphenated American! He loves his country and supports President Trump with words and deeds. He is running for Congress to Empower the Family, Finances and Future of the good citizens of CO-7 in the Denver area. He stands for law and order, strong border security, the highest quality education, better solutions for the legal immigration process, and an end to sanctuary cities. He will work to replace our big-government healthcare system with a free market solution with pre-existing condition coverage, fair trade, and a crackdown on visa fraud that is enriching Special Interest groups while robbing Coloradans of manufacturing and new technology jobs. He is a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment and will support initiatives that go after actual bad guys with guns, NOT law-abiding citizens.