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30 Black Republicans are On Ballots Running for Congress Across the Nation


Do we have systemic racism in America? Consider this: 30 black Republican candidates for Congress won their primaries. Count ‘em: 30. Which means they’re on national ballots right now.

At a press conference Wednesday October 21st, a coalition of these candidates was announced called Black Republicans for Congress. Robert Foster, moderator, said, “This is an exciting time for the future of our country.” He called this group of candidates “historic.”


Casper Stockham in Colorado’s 7th District said, “The narrative that the other side has used against the Republican Party is that they’re racist. Having 30, strong, black, conservative candidates running for office is going to change the game forever.” Mr. Stockham believes this movement of blacks to the Republican Party can, as he said, “save our nation.”

Leon Benjamin, running in Virgina’s 4th District (from Richmond south), said, “My district is suffering because of the lack of representation.” Mr. Benjamin, along with all the other BRC candidates, emphasized:

“We are all religious, all pro-freedom, all pro-1st and 2nd Amendments, and all pro-America.”


They also, individually and as a group, endorse the Trump campaign.

“I think the Black Republicans for Congress is impeccable timing,” said Mr. Benjamin. “This makes a statement that the Republican Party is the party of freedom – for all people – and especially for African Americans. We stand for life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, family, jobs, security, peace and all those things America needs.”

Joe Collins, running in California’s 43rd District (LA County area) against long-time Rep. Maxine Waters said, “She’s not a powerhouse. It’s just that nobody ever made a serious effort to run a solid campaign against her.” As an example of how he’s doing, he said, “I’ve raised $7 million for my campaign and Maxine has only raised $1.4 million.”


He also said that his campaign is operating as if he’s already won by supplying over 250,000 pounds of food, holding job fairs and finding jobs, organizing back-to-school activities offering backpacks and school supplies, and even cleaning up the streets – or as Mr. Collins says, “Cleaning up Maxine’s mess.”


The biggest problem, according to Mr. Collins, is, “She doesn’t represent our district. She doesn’t even live in our district. She lives in a rich neighborhood in a $6 million mansion. She doesn’t live on our streets, drink our water or breath our air.”

Ronda Kennedy, a candidate in California’s 26th District (Ventura County area), is an attorney and frequently cites the Constitution in her campaign speeches. At the press conference she said, “I am running against an incumbent who has been absent and does not live in our district. This is a common practice among Democrats where they feel entitled to the black vote.”


Ms. Kennedy is enthusiastic about Black Republicans for Congress. “Now there’s a record number of black Republicans running for Congress in 2020.” She said they met together at Black Voices for Trump, and she feels the 30 candidates this year shows a trend, laying the groundwork for even more black Republican candidates in the future. “I believe,” she concluded, “that we can make a real difference in America.”


These 30 candidates come from Massachusetts to California; Minnesota to Florida; including candidates in “battle ground” states like Pennsylvania.


Voters across the nation have chosen capable black candidates to represent the Republican party in campaigns this fall for seats in the U.S. House of Representatives.


Several prominent black celebrities are also endorsing Republicans. Among them, Ice Cube, P. Diddy and 50 Cent have expressed frustration with the current political failures of Democrats and look to the Republican party as offering better solutions. Said jokingly, 50 Cent said that if Biden wins, he’ll have to change his name to 20 Cent.

Joe Collins TV Ad - CA 43rd Distr

Robert Foster - Introduces Black Republicans for Congress

Leon Benjamin - VA 4th District

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Ronda Kennedy - CA 26th District

Joe Collins - CA 43rd District

Leon Benjamin - VA 4th Distr.

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