Did you know there are 30 black Republicans running for seats in the U.S. House of Representatives?


Yes, 30!

See us on the "Candidates" page, including each of our House Districts.

And you can help us WIN with donations (of any amount) to any or all of us. Even now, in these last days of campaigns, we can pump our ads to increase our votes. Donate today!

We are all running with a purpose:  to support balance, stability and safety in America.

  • We are all conservative;

  • We are all religious;

  • We stand for our Constitution and Bill of Rights;

  • We promote the idea that America offers unparalleled freedom and opportunities;

  • Some of us are veterans, or from military and police families;  we all support law and order and the security of our nation;

  • We represent people all across this country;

  • We will bring to Congress a perspective, a vitality and a dedication to strengthen this great nation!


You can help us win by making contributions to any or all of us. Donations can be made at the link from the "Donate" page or button.





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Poor government leadership is the top worry of most Americans. We are candidates who care about America and who will truly and fairly represent you.

Further, when it comes to racial and ethnic concerns, who better to help mend America and heal the divide than dedicated candidates of color?  America needs us.

Black Republicans for Congress